The Oil and Gas Consulting Company


It is likely there have been many times you needed to enlist temporary resources to solve specific problems and did not know who could provide the expertise you needed for your specific project.  Martindale is who you need to call; our goal is to solve problems, it’s just what we do.  We also place importance on providing a good fit for your team, so you can finally complete these special projects you have not been able to get done.

With the fast pace of acquisitions, dispositions, accounting system changes, staffing turnover, regulatory requirement changes, and the endless number of other barriers blocking your progress, you should join the many companies that understand drawing on Martindale’s experience in handling special projects is the way get that project done correctly, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. 

From project-by-project to long-term staffing, Martindale provides knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced personnel to help you achieve your goals.

  • Oil and gas accounting systems, procedures, and setup
  • Incorporate new properties into systems or modify exiting systems to accommodate new properties
  • Gas balancing calculations
  • Royalty payment setup
  • Tubular reconciliations
  • Respond to exceptions on operated properties 
  • Resolve exception backlogs
  • Host non-operator audits
  • Conduct physical inventories or reconcile inventory results
  • Handle owner relations calls/staff a "call center"
  • Joint interest billing collections
  • Joint interest billing processing
  • Analysis of vendor payables